Weight Loss Supplements

Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, plant fibers and extracts, among other substances, are included in the list of ingredients provided by dietary supplements, which also include over-the-counter weight loss formulas.

According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, “scientific studies attest to the health benefits of some, but not all, of these compounds.”

Formulas for slimming have as a supplementary function a normal diet and provide essential nutrients that help to burn fat, but only fulfill their role when integrated into a balanced diet. They can even be harmful if you are not careful in your selection and intake.

weight loss supplements

Green Tea Extract

Its active constituents, flavonoids and tannins, have a strong antioxidant action and a mild diuretic action. Green tea leaves stimulate lipolysis (fat burning) and thermogenesis (release of heat resulting from the transformation of calories into energy), favoring the elimination of fat and limiting the storage of lipids and carbohydrates by the body. The caffeine it contains can combat the fatigue associated with weight loss.


It is rich in B vitamins, vitamin A and mineral salts. The extract of its leaves promotes the flow of bile, necessary for the absorption of nutrients and for the detoxification of the organism. It also showed antioxidant action with results in the stimulation and regeneration of healthy liver cells.

It has proven advantages in ‘lowering cholesterol and glycemic index. It is excellent as a liver regulator. Because it has few calories, it is recommended as a dietary supplement and can be eaten cooked in tea or capsules. Do not take if you are “hypersensitive to the plant or suffer from obstruction of the bile duct.

Weight loss systems

It is another of the substances available in the market. Weight loss systems play a key role in fat metabolism, especially in heart muscle cells, as it increases the conversion of fatty acids to energy.