Foods for Glowing Skin & Healthy Hair

Struggling to find the right product to look great? Well, most of them do nothing but make your situation even more worse. With this mind, we are up with some healthy foods that can really help you look awesome. They don’t have any negative side effect, instead they are supposed to be healthy for our body.


Eggs are a great source of essential nutrients and eating an egg daily could really do wonders to your body. they are rich in B vitamin that is essential for our hair growth and scalp health.  There’s need to use different products claiming to be the best to cure failing hair. The problem is inside our body, not with our hair. If your hair is failing, try to incorporate these following foods into your diet to fill the deficiency of biotin: peanuts, eggs, almonds, wheat bran, low-fat cheese, avocados and salmon.


Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are high in beta-carotene that’s very essential for the growth of all cells operating in our body. The deficiency of beta-carotene could lead to dull skin and lifeless hair. Our advice is to incorporate following beta-carotene-rich foods into your die; sweet potatoes, kale, carrots, butternut squash, dark green lettuces, cantaloupe and asparagus.



The coconut’s water contains potassium that helps move all the necessary nutrients into the body cells. It is rich in healthy fats, vitamin K, Vitamin E and others minerals. One may use coconut oil to cure hair loss.



That’s probably nature’s best gift to all of us. Garlic helps maintain clear skin and prevent breakouts. There’s a huge list of benefits of Garlic that we can’t ignore.

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