All You Need to Know About Muscular System

The muscular system is a collection of muscles allowing the movement of body to maintain posture and circulate blood throughout the body. It consists of smooth, skeletal and cardiac muscles designed to perform specific actions. Skeletal muscles are responsible for the movement of body, legs and arms while the smooth muscles are involuntary and found in internal organs such as intestine, stomach, blood vessels and bladder. Cardiac muscles help keep the heart working.


It is joints giving us enough support to perform multiple actions. They are complex structures designed to move the body and bear weight. The ligaments and muscles connect our bones with the help of cartilage.

Exercise makes our muscles and ligaments stronger, ultimately strengthening our joints. When we don’t exercise for a long time, our joints get weaker and stiffer, causing a lot of pain. A complete exercise plan can help relieve the pain for osteoarthritis patients. It has been seen with many patients that they feel less pain and disability after doing exercise. If your situation is kind of severe and you think it could be dangerous trying out different exercise, you should consult with your doctor to get the best advice suiting your health condition.


Muscles are the thickest material in our body and weigh more than fat. It has been seen with people doing intensive workout lose weight due to fat burning and then start gaining weight due to muscle strengthening and buildup.

It’s recommended that everyone should start their day with running because it has numerous health benefits to our body that you can’t get anywhere else. If it seems a little uneasy for you, give it a little time and everything will be okay. You will have to be consistence and should stick to your exercise program. Mostly people take it serious in the beginning and soon get bored.


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