4 Non-Surgical Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Men judge themselves very rudely when it comes to perform in the sheets. Besides, the unending fear of you may not prepare yourself at all make things worse. But, you can replenish your potential with Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction given in the following:


Walk in Nature

Walking over grass helps boosting your sexual performance. Just walk, don’t run. Walk 2 miles a day on green grass to improve your overall health and reduce the chances of ED.  The best way to fight ed is to maintain a trim waistline. Get an ideal weight and keep yourself safe from the trouble.


Acupuncture can cure almost anything, back pain depression, and erectile dysfunction. Although it is not deemed as a mainstream cure, acupuncture proves to be an effective therapy. Needs are placed different parts of the body to relieve stress or pain. This can help to improve the erection quality and restore the sexual potential of a participant.

Herbal Viagra

Try Ginseng, it’s called herbal Viagra as it helps men against their bedroom problems The root of ginseng is dried and steamed. This is a part of plant which is known for its use in natural remedies. What makes ginseng so rare is it has to be grown for 5 years before it can be put to use. the range can be from anywhere from 600 to 1000 mgs thrice a day. This is one of the most effective Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction.

Watermelon Juice

Surprising it may be but a slice of watermelon can help you with your bedroom satisfaction. The watermelon juice is rich with amino acid. This improves the blood flow of penis. Its called the natural Viagra as this is a cheap and instant solution for ED. Plus, there are no side effects of a natural juice.