5 Top Causes of Sleep Problems in Aging, & Proven Ways to Treat Insomnia

Old people often complain that they aren’t able to sleep well at night. Though experts agree that normal aging changes the way you sleep as elderly people feel sleepy early in evenings, if an older person is complaining of too much lack of sleep you should be cautious. This is a reason to worry because the effects of sleep deprivation on the body are quite harmful and have the potential to ruin the overall health of a person. If you know of an elderly person or you are an elderly person then you should consider taking assistance of reliable sleep aids like SleepSmart that work flawlessly without harming your physical or mental health.

It is also advised that you learn about top 5 causes of sleep problems in aging mentioned right here.


  1. Medical Conditions

One of the most common reasons older adults tend to sleep less is that they have an underlying medical condition like heart or lung conditions, osteoarthritis, urination issues, Gastroesophageal reflux disease, anxiety depression, or Alzheimer’s among others. These medical conditions often force a person to wake up at night due to pain or discomfort and ruins the good sleep. Sometimes, the side effects of medications taken to cure these conditions often keep the elderly up at night.

  1. Restless Leg Syndrome

When an older adult has this syndrome, the person is unable to get a sound sleep as he or she feels itching, restlessness, and crawling sensations when he or she is trying to fall asleep. Though this is not painful, it is highly uncomfortable. It runs in the families and often impacts women and people with low iron levels.

  1. Breathing Disorders

Sleep-related breathing disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea make it difficult for people to fall asleep or enjoy sound sleep for long. There are many treatment options available to cure this condition and improve the sleep patterns of a patient. The treatment option you need will be determined after you undergo a sleep test at home or in a lab.

  1. PLMS

Another reason that doesn’t let older adults sleep is PLMS or Periodic Limb Movements of Sleep in which a person moves his or her lower limbs erratically while asleep. This condition is not treated easily and is more common than you think. It is also often a cause of discord between sleeping partners. This condition is mentioned here because it is associated with problems like sleep apnea or restless legs.

  1. Insomnia

Insomnia means that a person has trouble sleeping at night (even when the atmosphere is perfect like all is quiet and the person is in bed) and his or her daytime life is badly impacted by lack of sleep. Insomnia is quite common, and the solution is not to depend on substances that help with sleep. Instead, you should try to avoid it as much as possible. Read more about it here.

Proven Ways to Treat Insomnia in Older Adults

Ø  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Better known as CBT-I, this therapy helps a person to get rid of negative thought patterns that are often responsible for insomnia. It also includes promoting relaxation techniques, regular sleep habits, and other behavioral techniques that might help in improving sleep. Research has proven that people who have insomnia, as well as any other medical or psychiatric conditions, also benefit from CBT-I. Though Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can be conducted via online programs and apps, it is a fact that it’s more effective when it’s done personally.

Ø  Meditation

Older adults with a variety of sleep disturbances also benefit from mindful meditation. If you intend to try this method, then it is suggested that you enroll in a weekly course that includes 2 hour and 6 sessions at the least.  Finding such courses is not difficult as you can find them locally quite easily. Several senior centers also offer such courses. In case a senior can’t commute, apps like Headspace are there that help you to practice mindfulness by using your smartphone only and let you sleep soundly for as long as possible.

Ø  Meal Moderation

You should avoid alcohol or caffeinated drinks during the day if you want to sleep soundly at night. Also, try to avoid high carb food options about two hours before the bed as this habit may adversely affect your sleep. Avoid drinking fluids in the second half of the day because the more water you drink in the second half, the more would be your urge to urinate during the night. In case you want to overhaul your diet to make your sleep pattern right, you better talk to a diet or sleep expert to lend you a hand.

Do you know of any other proven ways to treat insomnia that worked for seniors? If so, please share them in the comments below and help in changing someone’s life for the better.

Sam Dyson Shepley

Reasons to Stay Fit and Healthy

While it is a given that people should starve on staying healthy, it can be a huge challenge sometimes especially in the fast-paced lifestyle that most are leading. It does not help that fast-foods are everywhere too, which makes it even harder for people to stay on top of their health. But if you find yourself slowly straying from the healthy path, below are some reasons why you definitely need to stick to your health journey.

Sam Dyson Shepley

You are more energised when you are healthy. A lot of times, people just do not pay much attention to their energy levels, even take them for granted at times. However, being able to keep a good level of energy every day makes all the difference especially since it makes it easier for you to get your daily tasks done with such ease. It is also one way of boosting your mood. You do not really need to have to exert that much effort just to keep this up though. A run, a quick call, or any activity that can stimulate endorphin release will not only raise your energy levels, it will help you feel even better too.

People enjoy better mental health when they are healthier and fitter. A study revealed that people who engage in 30 minutes of exercises at least three times a week can help relieve depression symptoms. It is also effective at reducing depression risks from returning. When you are healthy, you will have better facilities that will make it easier for you to handle your problems better.

Sam Dyson Shepley added that another great reason to stay fit and healthy at all times is because it helps you avoid illnesses and diseases. It is about time that you take a closer look at your eating habits and your present lifestyle and try to tweak it in a way that will help you be healthier, fitter. When you work out regularly and sweat well on top of that, you can get your cholesterol levels minimal. Your heart will also be in a better shape, the risks of diabetes will be generally reduced, you can even stave off hypertension, and at the same time, it will make it easier for you to avoid the flu and those nasty colds.

When you can keep illnesses and diseases at bay, then you can benefit from lower medical costs. Everybody knows how costly getting sick is these days, despite the government subsidy, so it would be a great investment to work on making your body healthier. Of course, you get to enjoy the benefit of living a longer and fuller life when you do not have to constantly worry about feeling sick and ill at all times.

When you are healthier, you feel more confident and empowered. You will look better too. A healthy and fit body just gives you an instant confidence boost. There is an all-around amazing feeling when you are healthy and it will definitely show. Learn more about the importance of staying healthy by reading about Sam Dyson Shepley online.

Foods You Should Eat Every Day to Live Longer

Foods You Should Eat Every Day to Live Longer

Having trouble making your diet plan? Are you confused with different food choices? No worries you’re at the right place. Picking the right foods for your diet plan can be daunting, thanks to a huge range of available food choices. We’ve put together some of the best foods that will go a long way toward helping you live longer. Let’s have a look at these foods below:


Start your day with an egg to give your body essential nutrients. Egg provides you with lots of surprising health benefits. Eggs are a good source of B group vitamins, protein and healthy fats. It’s a complete package to keep your body moving in a healthy way. If eggs are not your favorite thing, consider consuming Quest Nutrition products because they not only fill your nutritional gap but also provide you with delicious taste.

Foods You Should Eat Every Day to Live Longer


Beetroot is one of the best foods that you should consume on a daily basis. Beetroots improve brain activity, boost aerobic performance, and fight off cellular damage. You consume it in liquid juice form or eat them raw, depending on your preferences.


That’s another cholesterol killer that also improves brain function, ward off joint conditions and help lose extra weight. It’s everywhere and you can buy it from any nearby vegetable and fruit shop. Its other main health benefits include reducing risk of depression, improving digestion and protecting against cancer. Eating an avocado a day can protect you from a number of serious health conditions.

Leafy greens

All the greens vegetables and fruits are recognized as a nutrition powerhouse. Broccoli, kale, and spinach can do wonders to improve your overall health. You can eat them in a salad or raw, depending on your preferences.

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What You Can Do to Avoid Arthritis

What You Can Do to Avoid Arthritis?

Feeling severe pain in one of your joints is a sign you’re on the verge of falling victim to arthritis. Be sure to see your physician to get accurate diagnosis. Don’t take it lightly as ignoring the issue can worsen your situation. We know that some of the factors like gender, family history, age are out of your control, but there’s some tips that will certainly help you keep the arthritis at bay. Let’s take a look at these tips below:

What You Can Do to Avoid Arthritis

Keep a check on your weight

The more weight you gain the harder for your knees to hold your body. So, don’t overlook your weight because it is the main culprit that can trigger lots of dangerous health conditions. Keep an eagle eye on your body and stop eating every now and again. If you’re overweight and feeling something nasty in your joints, be sure to see a Denver Orthopedic doctor to get the right medical treatment based on your condition.

Avoid injury as much as possible

If you’re older and feel pain in your bones and joints, you shouldn’t risk your life by participating in extensive physical workouts and sports. When you’re playing your favorite sport in the playing field, you’re at risk of getting injured as no one knows what will happen the very next moment. If this is the case with you, you should be very careful to avoid a potential injury. Your cartilage can be damaged due to a sport injury or accident. So stay watchful all the time.

Eat more superfriuts

If you’re not aware of the term ‘’Superfruits’’, don’t worry it’s not something rare. The term mostly refers to colored fruits that are high in antioxidants, fiber, minerals and nutrients. Many studies suggest that a high-antioxidant diet reduces the risk of cancer, osteoarthritis and other hearth diseases.

Injuries When Exercising

How to Prevent Injuries When Exercising

There Is a Common Scenario Shared by All Couch-Potatoes and It Goes Like This.

You are sitting at work and suddenly, out of nowhere, you feel inspired to change your life and improve your health and fitness levels.

On your lunch break, you go and buy a new fitness outfit to show off to the world.

When you get home from work, you say no to sitting on the couch in favor or running around the park as many times as you can until you can barely walk.

You make your way home and sit on the couch, feeling impressed with yourself and proclaiming that this is going to be the start of a new and healthy life for you.

It is all going pretty well until the next-day pain and discomfort are felt when you wake up and suddenly you have changed your mind and decided that you will never exercise again, throwing your new outfit into the closet where it will never see the light of day again.

Injuries When Exercising

Until next time.

If this sounds like a cycle that you are in and you want to break, below are some tips which can help.

Start out Slow

Unless there has been a zombie apocalypse and you need to run away as fast you can, there is no reason to go from doing nothing to doing everything.

In fact, if your regular routine involves simply sitting on the couch all day, then you should consider a walk around the block a few times after dinner each night of the week an achievement! Too many people focus on reaching their fitness goals as fast as they can that they forget about their poor body.

Instead, take it slow and gauge your fitness levels as you go. If you notice that the walks are becoming easier, either increase their intensity or duration, just make sure that it’s balanced.

Wear the Right Stuff

If there was one thing that the person in the example above did correctly, it was to buy a new exercise outfit. You don’t have to wear the latest and the greatest, but you do need appropriate attire.

For example, if you will be doing a lot of jumping around and cardio based exercises then pick up some loose fitting clothes from the Groupon Coupons page for Express. Similarly, if you will be taking up running, be sure to head to your nearest sports store and pick up some purpose designed shoes which can absorb the impact from running and prevent foot, ankle, and serious knee injuries.

Whole Body Stretches

Stretching is for wimps and does nothing to help!

That is the biggest misperception held by people getting into exercise and is often the cause of their downfall.

Stretching before your workouts are the best way to release muscles which have become tense from an entire day of sitting at a desk and staring at a computer screen. By giving your muscles a stretch before your workout, you are waking them up and helping them to release so that they tackle the workout ahead.

Stretching your body after exercise is the best way to start the repair and recovery process and minimize the pain and discomfort you will feel the next day. Stretching your muscles after a workout promotes the flow of oxygen and blood, helping your muscles to repair and minimizing the amount of lactic acid which will build up overnight.

Improving your fitness levels is a great goal to have, however, it’s important that you do it safely so that you don’t injure yourself or lose motivation.

Sexual Issues

Talking About Your Sexual Issues Can Bring Your and Your Partner Closer

Opening up to your partner can sometimes be tough, when you think the issues might upset, offend, or confuse them. For many people, we can talk about being fired at work before we can talk about our sexual issues. This may be down to social conditioning, however going against that scary or uncomfortable feeling and having a real chat about sex to your partner can make your relationship that much deep, bring you that much closer together.

Learning to be mature and open about your sexual issues is a sign that you are growing as a person. Back when we were 14, can you imagine talking to your friends about your masturbation escapades? I sure can’t. When you were 21 could you believe talking to your boyfriend or girlfriend at the time about that group sex fantasy you had? You might be afraid they’d dump you because of it. Coming to terms with who we are sexually is something that should be an essential part of everyone’s sex lives. And sharing this with your partner is one of the most intimate things that you can do – even more intimate than the act itself.

Sexual Issues

Opening up the channels of conversation around your sex life, your desires, your fears, your issues and your triumphs can bring you and your partner closer than you ever dreamed possible. Not only sexually, but as a side effect, emotionally, too. These are many sexual thoughts that we have that we don’t share with anyone on the planet. Sex is different to everyone, so we like to often keep it to ourselves.

However, if you have a loving and caring relationship, why shouldn’t these thoughts be something that we share with our partner, too? We share our deepest concerns about work, our futures, the environment, and more with our partners, so why shouldn’t we share the whole gamut of what we think sexually with them too? We dance around issues, pretend they’re not there, try to please them instead, and carry sexual burdens alone. And we shouldn’t

To have a life partner is one of the most exquisite feelings and experiences in the world and we should attempt to be as open with them as possible. Although you might feel embarrassed or like a “bad person” because of certain sexual things, the reality of the matter is that everyone is different sexually. We all have our hang-ups, weird kinks, and problems. If you feel bad or embarrassed about any one of them, then it’s likely down to social conditioning.

We’re told that if a man has a small penis that he’s less of a man and can’t please a woman. Completely untrue. We’re told that if a woman never wants to have sex, then she’s frigid. Whereas actually, it could be vaginismus. Someone who can’t get an erection isn’t attracted to his wife anyone. When it could be something else entirely. Swingers are crazy and weird. When they’re just like you and me.

Your sexuality and your sexual experience are as unique as you are. And your partner loves you because you are that exact mix of an individual that they like. If your partner genuinely cares about the person that you are inside, they will listen to what you have to say about sex, your sexual issues, and how you feel about sex. While they may not be thrilled to hear what you have to say at all times, your partner will likely be supportive, understanding, and there to help with whatever it is that you have to say.

Opening up to your partner about sexual issues, whether you’re three months into a relationship or thirty years, can be a truly enjoyable experience. When a partner accepts you for all your (self-perceived) “flaws”, that they may have even guessed about previously, it can be a wonderful sense of relief – a weight off your shoulders. You might find that now you feel like they know the “real you”.

Opening up about sex to your partner is likely to elicit a similar response in your partner, too – if they’re willing to share yet. This shared exchange of “secrets” can make you feel like you’re right back in those beginning stages of your relationship. You might find out things about your partner that you’ve never known. Imagine that, 30 years down the track and finding out something new and interesting and uniquely “them”!

While it all seems scary, opening up sexually can take your relationship to a deeper level and can open you up to an amazing sex life with them that you never even dreamed possible. Take the plunge, conquer your fears, have a glass of wine for courage and start to open up to your partner – it might be the best thing that’s ever happened to you.


4 Tips to Speed Up Your Foot Injury Recovery

Had a foot surgery in Denver and tired of being locked away? Don’t worry, we are going to give you a few tips to speed up your Foot Injury Recovery. Not all foot surgeries are same, but the following tips will help you to boost your recovery without creating any complications. Just follow the instructions to the letter.



This sounds easy but this is all you are going to do for your Foot Injury Recovery. Restricting yourself is not a piece of cake, especially if you are not a couch potato. Rest is an important part of any surgery recovery, so make sure your foot gets enough rest. Just relax, sit back and listen to your body. Don’t push it too hard or you may end up hurting yourself.

Ice It

Using ice is the best way to speed up Foot Injury Recovery. It not only helps to reduce the pain, it also reduces the swelling. Use ice packs and apply them for 20 minutes on/off. Just place a thin piece of cloth between your cast and ice to keep it from getting wet or dirty. You can buy a cooling and heating pack for your convenience.

Don’t Forget to Compress

It depends on the surgery you had. Compression can control the risk of developing a deep vein thrombosis. This is a condition in which a blood clot develops in deep veins, mostly in legs. You can wear tight socks to prevent it. There are also some other treatments like angle or toe wraps.


Swelling during Foot Injury Recovery can lead to severe pain. You can elevate your feet to reduce it. Just keep it on hip level because you want to keep blood flow away from extreme levels as it can help you to reduce the pain and pressure.