Personal Trainer Courses Compared

Personal Trainer Courses Compared

After choosing to develop a career as a personal trainer, you may face the challenge of choosing the best provider and course to advance your desire. In choosing your provider, you need to consider their price, learning method, accreditation, and sales jargon. At Origym, we provide you with a graphics summary of the major providers to help you make the decision. A major consideration you should make is an evaluation of the provider’s value, which is the return on investment you get. A good provider should give you value for your money by providing services worth the amount you paid. The cost could be low or high, but what matters the most is the quality of service delivery as compared to the price. Origym offers students about 10 courses per month. Our quality of services is top notch, aiming at ensuring you get the best qualification you fees can get, without additional payment plans.

Personal Trainer Courses Compared

When choosing a good personal trainer provider, consider the certificate awarding body. This should be a known, reputable, and accredited body to assure you of credibility. Employers will consider your awarding body in determining if you qualify for the position. Moreover, you should check out the location of the provider for convenience. You do not wish to waste a lot of time and money going for the classes. Therefore, you can only choose from the offices around you. Furthermore, providers have different study methods, including a face-to-face set up, distance learning, or a blended learning experience. The study method influences the price quote you get for the course.

A home study personal training course is often referred to as online learning, e learning, distance learning, or self-study. It allows you the convenience of studying from home, or on the go, so long as you have access to the internet. You can set your own schedule, or work with the provided timetable through an online tutor. A few practical lessons should be arranged physically.

Blended Learning Personal Trainer Course

Other names for this study method include flexible learning, part-time learning, mentored learning, and immersion training. Here, you will study the theory online, but attend mandatory practical lessons physically.

Classroom personal Trainer Course

This is also referred to as full time, fast track, and intensive learning course. Here, the student learns in the classroom set up and attends practical in the gym within the scheduled times with a trainer and sometimes other students.

Another important factor you should consider is the contact time. A good company should offer you considerable time for contact even if you choose the online method, because personal training is a practical course. Other major factors to consider include the availability of reliable career support, the credibility of the tutors and staff, and the quality and quantity of resources. You should also check for the reputation of the providers through online reviews, company house information, and the reputation of the governing body.

Check the small prints for finer details. For instance, course providers may require you to pay additional fees for exams, re-sits, certification, and administration. You should also consider the personal trainer course cost, financing and payment plans, and fitness CPD’s and additional courses.

Ensure the provider you choose has the ability to help you progress through your career. You can also check for reviews on the companies through trust pilot, face book and Google pages. Notably, Origym is leading in these statistics. Do not trust the reviews posted on their pages.


What Exercise Can Do to Our Muscle and Bones?

Muscle and bones are very critical allowing our body to perform different actions. If you somehow manage to keep them in a tip-top form, you can spend a great, healthy life. People who exercise daily are more stronger than those who don’t. If you teach your kids the value of exercise, chances are high that they won’t have any chronic pain when they grow old.


It is joints giving us enough support to perform multiple actions. They are complex structures designed to move the body and bear weight. The ligaments and muscles connect our bones with the help of cartilage. When we exercise, we make our muscles and ligaments stronger, ultimately strengthening our joints.

When we don’t exercise for a long time, our joints get weaker and stiffer, causing a lot of pain. A complete exercise plan can help relieve the pain for osteoarthritic patients. It has been seen with many patients that they feel less pain and disability after doing exercise. If your situation is kind of severe and you think it could be dangerous trying out different exercise, you should consult with your doctor to get the best advice suiting your health condition.

It’s recommended that everyone should start their day with running because it has numerous health benefits to our body that you can’t get anywhere else. If it seems a little uneasy for you, give it a little time and everything will be okay. You will have to be consistence and should stick to your exercise program. Mostly people take it serious in the beginning and soon get bored.


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Know How You Can Keep Your Muscles Healthy

In this advanced, high-tech world, it has become a little tough to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We prefer cars to go to our office and avoid all those activities involving our body movement. That’s why we are seeing a huge number of people suffering from different health conditions. With this in mind, we bring you some handy tips that can really help strengthen your muscles to live a healthy life. It is muscles that allow us to perform different actions. How can we live a healthy life with poor, weak muscles?

Warm Up & Cool Down

It’s recommended that you should prepare your body prior to participating in any intense workout. You can spend 10 to 20 minutes warming up and getting yourself ready for particular workout. A light jog, brisk walk or other light physical activity can help warm up the muscles you are about to use during particular workout. You should also cool down your body after doing intense workouts to let your muscles fully recover.



What you take down really matters a lot and should contain everything necessary to keep your body moving. It’s better that you should come up with a comprehensive, balanced diet to remain fit and healthy. Try to incorporate all the important protein, healthy fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins into your diet.


Exercise on a regular basis

That’s probably one of the main things supposed to be vital to keep our muscles healthy. You can do/choose any exercise causing your body to work against gravity. If we don’t exercise, our muscles will get weaker with the moving time. Exercises like jumping rope, jogging, running and dancing can do the job.


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The Role of Muscles in Our Body

The Role of Muscles in Our Body

Muscles play a vital role moving our body to perform specific actions. Without muscles, we are nothing and cannot live. Anyways, today we are up with an article shedding some light on the importance of muscles or muscular system operating in our body.

 The Role of Muscles in Our Body

The main purpose of muscles is to help move bones to carry out specific actions. It is muscles enabling our heart to beat and constituting the walls of key hollow organs. Muscles are the thickest material in our body and weigh more than fat. It has been seen with people doing intensive workout lose weight due to fat burning and then start gaining weight due to muscle strengthening and buildup.

Below are the three main muscle tissues:

Cardiac Muscle

This specific type of muscle is called involuntary muscle that never gets tired. These muscles help constitute the walls of heart and create rhythmic, steady pulsing that transports blood throughout the body. Cardiac muscles create electrical impulses producing heart’s contractions. The hormones or stimuli from our nervous system could also affect these Impulses.

 The Role of Muscles in Our Body

Skeletal Muscle

These muscles create movement in our body and there’re around 600 skeletal muscles operating in the body. They are responsible for the 40% of our total body weight. Every movement is controlled by the nervous system. They get signals from our brain to contract and perform particular actions. These movements and signals are almost involuntary.

 The Role of Muscles in Our Body

Smooth Muscle

Theses muscles constitute the walls of many hollow organs, blood vessels, and respiratory passageways. Like cardiac muscles, they are also involuntary and contract in response to nerve impulses.

 The Role of Muscles in Our Body

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